Copyright Violation Disputes? Blockchain Can Offer Solutions

Fox uses an existing YouTube video in an episode of Family Guy, then grumbles about copyright violation and takes down the video. Find more information about ip attorney here.


This is just one of the numerous cases where big media organizations have unjustly utilized the arrangements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Could block chain provide a sure-fire and reasonable method of handling copyright violation disputes?Copyright laws protect online companyThe Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is an US law enacted in 1998, which helps media business fight copyright infringement.

The law provides strict charges for violation of copyright on the internet, while restricting the liability of online company for copyright infringement by their users.

Companies like YouTube and Google are secured from liability for copyright violation through a safe harbor arrangement, supplied they adhere to certain standards.

These consist of blocking access/removing product which infringes copyrights when they get alert of a violation claim. As a result, provider is timely in doing something about it when they get complaints under the DMCA.

The Family Guy case – DMCA other hand

q1An episode of Family Guy titled ‘Run Chris Run’, that aired on Fox on 15 May 2015, used a clip showing a problem in the 1980s Nintendo computer game Double Dribble. The glitch enabled users to obtain an automated 3-point objective whenever.

The clip was extracted from YouTube, where it was published in 2009. After the release of the episode of Family Guy, Fox grumbled to YouTube and had actually the video removed on copyright premises.

This episode highlights the ease with which big media organizations can unjustly use the arrangements of the DMCA.

It was reported on Torrentfreak and got by other media organizations. In reaction to the criticism on social media of Family Guy and Fox, Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, tweeted –

Hey Twitter: FYI I don’t run Fox, and I’m away from FG working on a new show. However, I will check out the Double Dribble issue.

The Double Dribble clip was consequently restored by YouTube. Seth MacFarlane then tweeted.

The basketball clip is back up. Was brought on by an automated notice by YouTube. You can put down your pitchforks.

A Fox spokesperson offered the list below comment to Torrentfreak:

The video in concern was removed as an outcome of Fox’s routine efforts to protect its television show Family Guy from piracy. As quickly as we ended up being aware of the circumstances, the content was brought back.

Blockchain can offer evidence of presence.

The immutable nature of blockchain supplies an excellent way to verify proof of existence.

The ‘hash’ of a file can be taped on the blockchain, proving proof of presence at a certain moment.

q2The hash is a string of characters which is a function of a file and is distinct to a file.

Since the blockchain is immutable, the tape-recorded hash offers conclusive evidence of existence of a file at a particular time.

The blockchain doesn’t distinguish in between big media business and people; any person can record the hash of a file on the blockchain.

The most significant advantage of using the blockchain to record evidence of existence is that it can be done nearly right away and at an extremely low cost. Arbitrators in disputes over copyright can use the blockchain to acknowledge ownership of intellectual property.

A new method of resolving disagreements concerning children

The Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA) introduced the Family Law Arbitration Scheme in early 2012. The scheme created a new kind of disagreement resolution for household law disputes. It made it possible for couples to select a chosen arbitrator to deal with their case and, importantly, impose a binding award.



Till just recently, Family Law arbitration was confined to financial and property-related conflicts. It has actually now been extended to children-related disagreements. From July 2016, moms and dads will have the ability to arbitrate conflicts worrying their children.

For many moms and dads, mediation provides the proper forum for fixing their children-related disputes. It is of course far much better for the children if their moms and dads can agree matters in between themselves. It is not possible or proper for moms and dads to mediate in all types of cases. In some cases, parents are able to co-operate to a particular extent, but require the input of an arbitrator who can figure out the outcome, rather than a negotiated-agreement-facilitator/ arbitrator.

Particular kinds of children-related disagreements will, a minimum of initially, be omitted from the scope of Children arbitration; for example, cases involving local authorities and disagreements with a cross-border element. It is expected that the scope of Children arbitration will be extended further in the future.

Exactly what are the advantages of arbitration instead of court procedures?

q61. Informality

Arbitrations are most likely to be kept in lawyers’ chambers or lawyers’ offices, which supply a lot more casual setting, than that of the Court. Moms and dads tend to feel more unwinder and abler to deal with the concerns at hand. The more casual format lends itself much better to effective co-parenting in the future than the Court procedure. The Court process can prevent the moms and dads’ abilities to satisfy their children’s or their own requirements, and damage their future relationships. Arbitrators have the high-end of time and a manageable case-load and so take greater care to explain legal jargon and put the celebrations at ease, than their rather more abrupt Court equivalents.

2. Effectiveness

The arbitration procedure is neat and efficient. Cases can be heard far more quickly and for that reason moms and dads tend to get choices much more rapidly from an arbitrator than from the Court.

3. Expense

Greater effectiveness likewise suggests greater costs cost savings. There will be the in advance expense of the arbitrator, which can put moms and dads off initially, arbitration procedures often cost less than court proceedings because they are dealt with much more rapidly and therefore save weeks’ of lawyer correspondence. The procedure is also more stream-lined. Arbitration hearings do not tend to last as long as Court hearings therefore often cost less. They also start on time and so parents do not spend for their attorneys to wait around at Court up until the Judge has the ability to hear them.

4. Continuity

The court system is meant to guarantee judicial continuity, in practice this is not constantly possible, and if it is, it can trigger delay. Once selected, the arbitrator will continue to be engaged and perform the entire arbitration up till the imposition of the award. Brief notification hearings are possible and can be dealt with informally over the telephone or Skype. Unexpected issues can, for that reason, be resolved rapidly by somebody who recognizes with the case and the household.

5. Privacy

This is among the main attractions. The arbitration process is completely personal and there is no risk of media invasion. This is naturally likely to attract high-profile parents and those in the public eye. The recent press reporting of the litigation relating to Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s boy, Rocco, is illustrative. With arbitration, the matter remains private.

6. Flexibility

Parents can choose a date and time for the arbitration that matches them both. Most significantly, the parties can choose their arbitrator. The Court process is much more prescriptive, which can likewise be pricey, and does not manage the celebrations anywhere near as much choice.

7. Enforceability

Arbitration awards are binding and enforceable by the Court as if they were judgments.

The extension of the arbitration scheme to children associated disputes is favorable news for separating moms and dads who will have access to a qualified, experienced and trustworthy arbitrator able to take their dispute from start to finish without the disappointment, hold-up and modification of judicial tack fundamental in what is left of the household justice system.

Graham disputes account that he urged Republican politicians to support Trump

Sen. Lindsey Graham, among Donald Trump’s fiercest critics, is contesting a Florida Republican charity event’s account of remarks he delivered at a private fundraiser on Saturday, telling CNN that he is still “not supporting” Donald Trump.

Teresa Dailey, a popular Florida Republican fundraiser and Trump advocate who went to the private event, told CNN on Sunday that Graham called on Republicans to join as a party and support the presumptive GOP candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton in the basic election.

” He did state that we have to get behind him,” Dailey said Sunday.

q9Graham on Monday challenged that characterization of his remarks, informing CNN that he is supporting neither Trump nor Clinton which “absolutely nothing’s altered.”

He included that he concentrated on your house and Senate races, however did say that he told donors that he “taken pleasure in” his current telephone call with Trump.

Dailey acknowledged Monday that Graham did not particularly get in touch with Republicans to “get behind Donald Trump, exactly,” but that “we need to support the party and support the celebration and do what we have to do to raise the funds necessary making sure that Donald J. Trump is our next president of the United States.”

Graham likewise told CNN’s Dana Bash that he informed donors that he will no more select a fight with Trump because it does no excellent.

The charity event, Graham said, was to assist him retire debt from his presidential campaign. It was hosted by previous U.S. Ambassador to Portugal Al Hoffman, a former Republican National Committee finance chairman who also co-chaired Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential quote.

Graham representative Kevin Bishop repeatedly declined opportunities Sunday to define Graham’s comments, merely validating that Graham doesn’t support a third-party run that some conservatives are working to arrange which Graham’s position on the presidential race has actually not changed.

” There hasn’t been any change in his position,” Bishop said. “He’s been pretty upfront and outspoken.”

Dailey stated Graham reiterated Saturday that he has no strategies to formally supported Trump because it would not necessarily help Trump.

Graham has been among Trump’s most vocal and fiercest critics but has warmed to the New York realty mogul since the two spoke over the phone previously this month.

Graham described the call as a “cordial, enjoyable phone conversation” and stated the two gone over nationwide security risks, consisting of ISIS.

“My criticism has actually been large and it’s been deep, but we did have an excellent conversation. He asked great concerns,” Graham stated Friday on CNN, though he declined to provide a formal endorsement of Trump over Clinton.

Graham stated at the fundraiser Saturday that he has now consulted with Trump a number of times to go over foreign policy, Dailey stated.

Graham has offered some of the most biting criticisms of Trump, consisting of calling him a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot” late in 2014.

And after Trump locked up the Republican nomination early this month, Graham said that Trump does not have the personality or judgment to be president and said Trump has “tricked” the Republican Party.